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DID YOU KNOW?"About 7 Nigerian women die every hour from pregnancy related causes." - WHO
DID YOU KNOW?"Nigeria accounts for 19% of the maternal deaths worldwide."– WHO, UN, World Bank
DID YOU KNOW?"Nigeria currently ranks 152 (out of 188 countries) in the human development index" – UNDP
DID YOU KNOW?"Nigeria is the first African country to completely control an Ebola outbreak."
DID YOU KNOW?"3 million bottles of codeine are consumed daily in Kano and Jigawa states alone - NDLEA"
DID YOU KNOW?"Nigeria carries 9 percent of the global HIV disease burden; second-largest in the world"
DID YOU KNOW?"Nigeria carries 7 percent of the global TB burden, the second-largest in the world."
DID YOU KNOW?"HIV remains the leading cause of death in Nigeria." – GBD, 2016
DID YOU KNOW?"Majority of Nigerian youths start abusing drugs by age 20 - NENDU"
DID YOU KNOW?"About 66, 000, 000 Nigerians do not have access to improved drinking water sources – MICS, 2016"
DID YOU KNOW?"Nigeria accounts for the highest proportion of deaths from malaria globally – World Malaria Report, 2017"
DID YOU KNOW?" Since 2016, there has been no reported case of Polio in Nigeria."






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