Number of people living with HIV

Current Estimated Population

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Position of Nigeria in contributing to the global burden of HIV/AIDS cases in 2014 (Ref: NACA, 2014)

Prevalence of HIV in Nigeria (Ref: NACA, 2014)


Age standardized HIV/AIDS Death rate per 100,000 in 2014 (Ref: World life expectancy, 2014)

Antiretroviral Therapy

Percentage of females that contributed to new HIV cases in 2014. (Nigeria GARPR, 2015)

Prevalence of HIV among pregnant women in 2014. (Ref: FMOH National HIV Sero-prevalence 2014)

Mother-to-Child Transmission

Rate of utilization of PMTCT services in 2014. (Ref: NIgeria GARPR, 2015)

Risky Behaviour

Percentage of adults aged 15 – 49 who used a condom during sexual intercourse in 2012. (Ref: Nigeria GARPR, 2015)


Nigeria Global AIDS Response Program report, 2015

NACA report, 2014

FMOH National HIV Sero-prevalence, 2014

World life expectancy, 2014