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HealthThink was developed by eHealth4everyone; an organization that works with data, information technology and healthcare. Whatever your passion, we will be excited to have you join our team of innovative and brilliant minds dedicated to advancing healthcare through digital technology.

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Have an idea you think HealthThink can help you implement? Need infographics to drive civic action? Are you an organization, government agency, parastatal, or educational institution that needs customized health data dashboards and visualizations, branded reports and bulletins to foster data use?
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At HealthThink, we will be accepting submissions for guest blog posts. We’re looking for high quality articles that we can publish on our website regularly. We also accept infographics with health related and data focused content. Please read our guidelines before submitting your blog post.

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Do you believe in open data? Do you want your data to be maximally utilized? Do you want to further contribute to public health knowledge? If you do, let’s collaborate. Join the Nigeria Health Data Collaborative! Submit your data, and you can get more data as well. It will be added to our data bank to increase the value of data analysed and presented on HealthThink. Together, we can improve public health research and promote faster progress towards enhancing the lives of Nigerians. More…

Ime Asangansi, MBBS PhD (Informatics)
Chief Excellence Officer

Specialist and Thought leader in Health informatics and eHealth – Strategy design, eHealth Software, development, implementation and Product Design.

Doosuur Gyer
Public Health Analyst & Engmt Officer

Has vast experience in research, stakeholder management, grant proposal development, and data interpretation. Passionate about enhancing evidence-based decision-making in Nigeria.

Ajaka Chiamaka .U.
Technology & Design Manager

Product Designer whose approach to design is based on research, key processes and reviews. Actively saving lives with the MSDAT platform and other innovations.

Aondofa Shija
Senior Software Project Manager

Software Project Manager – with a demonstrated ability to work in the health informatics industry and experienced in managing projects from concept to completion.

Adetoun Afolabi
Senior Finance & Admin Officer

Chartered Accountant – Adept at all functions of accounting and knowledge of IFRS. Dedicated to providing overall administrative support.

Ifeoluwa Noiki
Public Health Analyst & Engmt. Officer

Public health analyst – providing concepts, insights and strategies for the use of information technology in public health through research and advisory.

Ediyak A. Inyang
Senior Finance & Admin Officer

A finance expert and tax consultant, with good IFRS application practices and vast experience in auditing.