About Us

Healththink is a platform focused on collecting and simplifying health data for individuals and organizations. It is about the art of communication and visualization of data for civic engagement.
Healththink was developed by ehealth4everyone to address the challenges faced with data availability, and accessibility in the country.
Data wants to communicate. It wants to tell its story. However, data is complicated; creating the need for its simplification into various formats that can be consumed and shared by the general public. This will subsequently result in an informed public; a necessary prerequisite for civic engagement, and finally ensure quality health data and accountability in health interventions.
Data wants to be free. It wants to be accessible. Unfortunately, data is often times not accessible, resulting in the paucity of data needed for evidence-based planning and tracking of healthcare services. There is therefore need to address this challenge for individuals, organizations, government departments & agencies who need the right analyzed data at the right time.
It is the era of data. Every industry is being rapidly transformed by the data revolution. Big data, machine learning, predictive analytics and data visualization are taking the front seat. Data revolution can help accelerate progress towards achieving the sustainable development goals. There is need to bring state-of-the-art and bleeding-edge technologies and methodologies from other domains into the healthcare space and actively join the revolution needed to achieve the SDGs.
At Healththink, we collate different kinds of data from numerous sources and develop a data bank for easier accessibility. This data is thoroughly reviewed, and frequently updated to ensure accurate and timely delivery of information. We link data in a way that frees it up for public consumption and discussion. Finally, we analyse data to drive public health action, and present this data in simpler forms for civic engagement and health advocacy.  This ensures that everyone can access data, understand data and use this data to drive development and progress of the country and its citizens.
Our Vision:
We envision a world where everyone counts and is engaged; where healthcare projects are data-driven and have impact measured; where healthcare research is strongly supported and coordinated and where governments are open and accountable.
Our Mission:
Advance the state-of-the-art of health data analytics, visualization, and civic engagement through collaboration and innovation.

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"I read and browse through HealthThink everyday. I'm always seeing new interesting things and insights. Please 

keep it up. Don't relent. How can I contribute?"

- Chioma, PhD Researcher


"HealthThink allows us to very easily understand public health trends and issues better. The team definitely knows

their onions"

- Haruna, FHI360


"The HealthThink team at eHealth4everyone helped us clean, integrate and visualize our 2014 and 2015 data into

very simple visuals and in such a short time."

- Program Manager at SOML


"I've always thought of the need for an open health data blog and repository like this. I'm proud to be a collaborator" 

- Dr Makinde, MEASURE Evaluation


"HealthThink has the potential to revolutionize health data in Nigeria, and we at the Ministry of Health will support it."

- Dr Mansur, FMOH